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Révélez le potentiel génomique de vos jeunes mâles
Accédez à une connaissance précise du potentiel de vos génisses
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IngenomiX offer genomic tests to predict as soon as birth the genetic potential of Limousin breed reproducers about 12 traits from a simple hairs sample. 

IngenomiX, at the heart of Limousin

IngenomiX is a biotechnology company created by the French Limousine association and French Limousin Herd-Book to study the interest of genomic selection in the Limousin breed cattle.

Thanks to the combination of skills in biology, genetics, statistics and bioinformatics, IngenomiX is specialised in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) between phenotype and genotype and in engineering of DNA tests to offer genomic technology.


Available tests for Limousin cattle

Genomic tests developed by IngenomiX can be used by every Limousin breeder worldwide. The test brings genomic predictions precociously on the characteristics of the animal, studying its DNA. There is no influence from the genealogy of the animal. Thus, any Limousin cattle can be tested

To know precisely an animal, male or female, EvaLiM is the most appropriated test.
EVALIM test actually delivers information for 12  traits : birth weight, growth, skeletal and muscular development, bone thickness, milking abilities, calving ease, pelvic area and 4 morphologic traits of udder. 
We also have genomic tests to detect the carriers of myostatin mutations (culard status) hornless status, and parentage testing. 

For breeders who only want to make a genomic selection on targeted traits, the MODULO version of EvaLiM can be use on females. This test use the same technology and the same reference population as EvaLim but one can choose a minimum of 2 traits among the 7 (other traits can be selected optionally) to perform a selection only on this selected traits. This EvaLiM MODULO test is particularly effective to sort and choose the best heifers for renewal. By example, it become possible to analyse only the maternal qualities traits only (birth weight, calving abilities, milk abilities) and add a valuable information to keep the best young females. 

As the result from EvaLiM and EvaLiM MODULO are the same, it is possible to optimize the matings on your herd combining the genomic results of your females and the genomic evaluation of a genotyped male, for example if you buy your males on Lanaud Station. It becom very usefull to obtain the genomic evaluation of the male you plan ton buy in order to verify if he suit well the genetic level of your herd and if he will improve the traits you want to select.


Ordering process

To analyse the DNA of any animal, we need a biologic sample. The easiest way is to sample hairs, at the end of the tail. We  especially need a number of 40 – 50 bulbs at the roots of the hairs. Please follow the specific instruction described in this documentThe hairs can be sent by post, each sample indiviually put in little plastic bags tightly closed (you can use freezer plastic bags). It is also possible to send us other biological material (semen, blood, cartilage), please contact us to know the way to do it.

Send us the order form, filled with the animal IDs and required tests. Please note that the full payment (by bank transfer) will be required before processing any sample. Then, the results of the tests should be avaible after an average time of 2 monthes. We paused to be in contact with our customers to discuss about the results.



Prices and genomic services

(12 traits + MH + Filiation) 


Pelvic area & 4 ubber morphology traits + 2 traits choice

+ mutations in option
Horn-polled & Myostatin
Genomic Breeding Values EVALIM for males 199 € - - -
EVALIM for females
89 € 55 € - -
For each additional trait - + 8 € - -
PARENTAGE TESTING (1) Parentage testing only (2) - - 5 € -
DNA Profile (200 SNP)l included + 10 € 20 € -
DNA profile 
+ parentage testing
+ 15 € 25 € -
MUTATIONS Myostatin DNA test included
+ 10€ + 10€ 25€
Polled DNA test included +10 € + 10€ 25€
Myostatin & Polled
DNA tests


1. Parentage testing can be ordered when parents already get a DNA profile in SNP on the french national database or when the parents are sent to be genotyped. To be official in France, the sampler should have an official agreement. 

2. Parentage testing only : if an animal already have a DNA profile (ie if it already have a genomic evaluation), and if the parents are already known onto the national SNP databases, you can ask for a parentage testing without regenotype the animal. 


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